Information for international partners

Kaufmännische Schulen is always interested in extending its range of international partners in accordance with the needs of our students and staff. Foreign languages and intercultural learning play an important role in the profile of our school with English being by far the most prominent language spoken by our students and staff. We also offer courses in Spanish and French.

As we are a very diverse school, our students and staff have all kinds of ethnical backgrounds. We cherish this diversity as it offers us the opportunity to benefit from the broad cultural variety that is embodied in our students and staff and that we perceive as “us”. Hence, a lot of our students and staff speak languages fluently that are not taught in our school.

Please feel free to find out more about us and our current partners! If you want to get in touch with us, please contact our International Coordinator, Mr. OStR Markus Kropp




Oberstudienrat Markus Kropp
Koordinator für internationale Programme, Partnerschaften und Kontakte.